Age Rating System

When reading a comic, it’s always important to understand the type of content to expect. We here at Burning Star have our own age rating system to go by to make sure that the comics you read can best match your comfort level. To better understand our rating system, we’ve put together this page to make it more clear.


All Ages
Suitable for most ages with a beginner reading level.
Contains no violence, no sexual or adult themes, and no foul language.


Ages 10+
Suitable for most children with a 5th grade reading level (or younger given parental guidance).
Contains no foul language or adult themes.
May contain:

  • Minor violence with no gore or blood such as slapstick
  • Minor sexual themes such as dating, kissing, or holding hands

Ages 14+
Suitable for most teenagers.
May contain:

  • Violence with blood and minor gore
  • Sexual themes with no nudity or censored nudity
  • Some unfiltered foul language
  • Adult themes such as reference to gambling, alcohol and drug abuse

Ages 18+
Suitable for most adults.
May contain:

  • Extreme violence and gore
  • Sexual themes, prostitution or rape, some uncensored nudity (though never the full focus of the story as we do not publish pornography)
  • Unfiltered foul language
  • Adult themes such as reference to gambling, alcohol/drug abuse