Horizon Quest [DIGITAL]

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A passionless druid named Ghenwinn decides to become an adventurer to reignite a spark in him that’s been long since gone. By happenstance, he comes across a party of adventurers who need one more member, but soon finds out they’re an odd group who have difficulty working together.

Readers 14+

Includes 60 pages of story

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1 review for Horizon Quest [DIGITAL]

  1. Melody

    I got my copy early from the campaign and really enjoyed it!
    I liked the party’s dynamics. Each character has well defined abilities and personality traits, which make for some fun interactions. I also liked how nobody was left out of the final battle. Everybody had their own part to play.

    I think the first issue works well as a standalone story, while still having plenty of material to potentially build off of in the future. If you two decide to turn Horizon Quest into a series, I think it would be neat if some of the future issues focused on adventures that are more personal to the individual party members. Maybe some of these adventures could even connect to/expand on their backstories? Maybe the party could even visit some of the members’ homelands, like the Shattered Lands or the Elf Kingdom?
    I also wouldn’t mind seeing Ghenwinn and Astrid’s relationship develop, since they have good chemistry.

    This tangent isn’t a criticism of the first issue, btw, it’s just a collection of loose thoughts/ideas that I had after reading. Lol

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