It’s Not Like Getting a Job Will Kill You [DIGITAL]

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While Oliver has always been content with staying home and playing video games, the time has come for him to get a job to support a family with his wife. Unfortunately, a case of mistaken identity leads to him getting roped in with the mafia…

Readers 14+

Includes 32 Pages of Story and 1 Mini Comic.

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9 reviews for It’s Not Like Getting a Job Will Kill You [DIGITAL]

  1. CARO (verified owner)

    This was really funny! There were multiple moments where I was laughing out loud.
    I really liked how Oliver and his wife both liked video games, and when she asked him to get a job he did it. Oliver really comes off as a well meaning airhead, which is good for these types of stories.

  2. Melody (verified owner)

    I enjoyed the comic for the following reasons:
    -It was funny and every joke landed
    -The relationship between Oliver and Mia seemed wholesome
    -The characters are cute and have a lot of personality

    I would definitely recommend it to other buyers. I can’t wait to see Oliver provide for his future clan of children.

  3. Nicodemous52 (verified owner)

    I like it, I think it’s a one shot. And that’s just as well. I could see this going on, I don’t see it going on for too long. While there might be a little more gas in the tank, it’s probably good to stop before it’s on empty.

    This is a Loony Tunes comic, only not. But that’s the tone it seems to be going for, that’s the feeling I take away from it anyway. It’s that kind of happenstance that leads to the ridiculous nonsense, that the jokes come from. If you enjoy those kinds of set ups and pay offs, then yeah, you should pick this up.

  4. Joseph Choi (verified owner)

    This was hilarious and amazing. I was left with a big smile on my face. Wholesome and yet super funny. Fans of manga will love it. 😁🙏👍

  5. Glasses Enjoyer (verified owner)

    Thought it was pretty good. I like how goofy it gets. It didn’t overdo the EPIC GAMER joke thing and the art is cute

  6. Mr0303 (verified owner)

    That was such a great comic – funny. wholesome and occasionally brutal and sexy. The relationship between Mia and Oliver is well realised – they clearly love each other – Mia is willing to put up with him being a NEET without being resentful while Oliver is ready to work on himself for his partner. The art is clean and conveys the humour in every scene perfectly. Also one has to appreciate the JoJo references. The story, while somewhat predictable, is well executed and delivers good vibes and funny moments. If you like the themes of mangas like Spy X Family this comic will definitely deliver.

  7. ZenekBe (verified owner)

    Really nice story. Did not expect it to go the way it went, but was not disappointed at all. The characters are really likable and reliable, even after such a short comic.

    4.5/5 – would read again.

    Now excuse me, but I have a sudden urge to train up my bongo skills, for some reason.

  8. Dave H. (verified owner)

    This is a fun read! There’s slapstick, there’s farce, and an art style that sells the humor. It’s funny while not overwhelming with snark, and has a surprisingly wholesome and sweet relationship at the heart of the story. I enjoyed this book and look forward to seeing what’s next. Great job, Ms. Cuffari!

  9. Anthony

    The comic is a great read. The art looks beautiful and the characters are funny

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