Now Hiring Volume 1 [DIGITAL]

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Now Hiring tells the story of Maks, a struggling alien refugee, and Aisel, kingpin of the criminal underworld. At the crossroads of danger and opportunity, two strangers forge a bloody pact built on control and brutality.

Readers 18+

Includes 140 pages of story

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2 reviews for Now Hiring Volume 1 [DIGITAL]

  1. Nicodemous52 (verified owner)

    This is the unique among the offerings for Burning Star. It’s the story of a poor, literal alien that reads like a immigrant story. About his struggle to just do the right thing and be accepted by society. But, that’s not in the cards for him, so gets mixed up doing deliveries for a mafia. Which he doesn’t fully comprehend what exactly he is doing.

    He hates that his only real job is to be intimidation, but what else can he do? And if being the monster saves lives, then so be it. Figures after a month of work, he’ll have enough money to go somewhere quiet and eat whenever he wants.

    If they make another one, I there for it. This was pretty good in both the writing and the art. Art is not your traditional comic book style, then again, what does that even mean in the modern era? I don’t know, I just know I dig it and it’s probably worth checking out.

  2. Melody (verified owner)

    I thought it was pretty interesting and well written. I also liked the unique design choices. The chapter covers, for example, looked really neat.

    I’m not sure why you decided to write “fxck” instead of “fuck” in some of the panels. It’s an 18+ comic, you don’t need to censor it.

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