Orgasm Girl #2 [DIGITAL]

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Mistress has been defeated and put in jail after a mysterious stranger saved Amari from a sticky situation. And what’s even stranger is that this man seems to have the exact same superpower Amari has! But while Amari can snap her fingers and make any man she touches orgasm… When Jack snaps his fingers, he can make any woman he touches orgasm. However, these two cracking down on a sex trafficker has gotten them heat with all the wrong people. Now a new enemy with his own strange ability seeks to capture them both. Will their superhero careers end before it can even begin?

Readers 18+

Includes 24 Pages of Story

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1 review for Orgasm Girl #2 [DIGITAL]

  1. Nicodemous52 (verified owner)

    Just like issue #1, I got the digital copy, but the site says there are 5 physical copies of #2 left if you want one. (there is 24 of issue one)

    There are still some dark themes in the background and premise of this story, but issue #2 leaned way more into the camp and goofy nature of the premise. We find out a little bit more about the man that rescued Amari and a little more about the sex trafficking ring that tried to abduct her.

    Will this abandon the more mature tone I thought it was offering after issue one, or will it waffle between maturity and camp? Hard to say. As of now, there is o more to go on. Just gotta keep an eye out for if and when issue #3 drops.

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