Sonic City Witch #1 [DIGITAL]

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Witches have always pulled their power from nature, and humans, from technology and tools. In Sonic City, technology has moved far beyond magic. Now witches have been left behind. But a magic cult lead by a wizard named Odyssey seeks to claim control of the city and undo the progress of humanity.

Readers 14+

Includes 23 Pages of Story.

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11 reviews for Sonic City Witch #1 [DIGITAL]

  1. Don Juan (verified owner)

    A billion points if you can guess the two cameos in the chapter. Also, any plans to make a full colored version after the 4-5 chapters?

    • Dannphan (store manager)

      Yes! But not till we’re 3/4ths of the way done the story. Then we’ll have a campaign to help get it colored and printed. It’ll be awesome!

  2. Lukas Hillebrand (verified owner)

    As someone who is usually not that much into comics, I liked this one a lot and I’m looking forward to the next chapter.

  3. Woody (verified owner)

    It’s like cyberpunk, if cyberpunk was more about having fun and less about questioning your faith in humanity 🙂 much good, many fun

  4. Erik (verified owner)

    The first comic i’ve read since my childhood. First of all, i think this would not go through as 14+ in germany x).. but anyway. It was a wonderful experience. I especially liked the expressive mimic gestures of the characters. I always thought that i knew what they are feeling. Really liked the artstyle. After the first few pages i did not feel like i’m really experiencing a story, but after an hour or so of looking through the panels and especially in the second half i was totally immersed and now i can’t wait for more. Also +++++ for the curvy witches, really liked it. I don’t think i’m in any position to critique something, also i think there is not that much to critique :).

    “Metal muscles are what every girl wants.” If we ever get that far into cyberpunk getting present in our daily lifes, let me tell you something here. Metal breasts, is what no guy wants!

  5. High Father (verified owner)

    Great start! I really enjoyed the intro into the world. I need WAY more scroll-smoking “Indica the fuck-it witch” in my life. I really hope your work gets the attention it deserves.

  6. Dom Brandt (verified owner)

    Very intriguing. I love crime filled stories, and have recently gotten into comics, so this was a good introduction. Looking forward as the story progresses

  7. Jeffrey Taylor (verified owner)

    Seriously good art and a refreshingly original take on the cyberpunk theme. I’ll be buying the subsequent digital issues and eagerly awaiting a coloured version I can hold in my hands.

  8. Christian Lazarte (verified owner)

    Found out about this comic from Dannphans YouTube channel. I really enjoyed reading it. Can’t wait for more!

  9. Dean Teasdale

    Wow this really engaging, an excellent first issue, can’t wait for no 2 🙂

  10. Gino Nijssen (verified owner)

    Good first chapter! I’m liking the characters already, and the art is pretty! Would love to see more!

    Loved the character cameos!

  11. Nicodemous52 (verified owner)

    It’s a premise that has potential. What if magic existed in a Cyberpunkesque universe? And what if technology and magic were not mutually exclusive, but were in conflict with each other?

    Hard to say for sure, seems this one while having an interesting if not a truly unique setting, it going to be more by the numbers. More traditional beats for comics and YA story telling. But that is speculation. I’ve only read one of the two current issues out. So it’s just speculation as to what it end up actually being.

    The art is black and white which is a negative in my book, but it’s not a deal breaker like it would have been when I was younger. But it’s one well enough. It’s not the best I’ve seen, but it’s well above armature. Just might be worth some of your attention.

    (I just realized so far, everything I’ve reviewed from Burningstar has been in black and white but the one all ages comic. In print black and white makes more sense as it’s cheaper, but in digital, I’m not really sure why do it unless it’s a purposeful, deliberate choice)

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