The Way Long Back #1 [DIGITAL]

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When distance separates them, Nicholas goes on a journey across the country to reunite with his girlfriend Stefanie… But trouble awaits him along the way.

Readers 14+

Includes 32 Pages of Story

3 reviews for The Way Long Back #1 [DIGITAL]

  1. Joshua M (verified owner)

    I saw the trailer for this comic on YouTube and decided to give it a read. I was very satisfied. The art style has a very nostalgic feel, and the comic is written very well. Normally not my kind of genre, but I was pleasantly surprised.

  2. Mr0303 (verified owner)

    Romance is not my genre, so take everything I say with a pinch of salt.

    The story starts in a typical way with a high school romance gradually developing after Nicholas makes a gesture for our heroine Stef. She’s a bit high-strung, but not unlikable. Half-way through the story they are separated, since Stef has to go to college. There is a very stark tonal shift from a sweet romance to heavy melodrama. We learn more about Nicholas and his situation. He has a lot to worry about, but decides to travel half way around the country to visit Stef, whose problems are pretty mundane all things considered. In a way it’s a good representation of why long-distance relationships don’t work.

    I like the art style aside from how Nicholas is drawn. his skin tone makes him look dirty and I’m not really sure what the dark spots on his cheeks are supposed to be. He didn’t have them as a kid, so they could be scars or really deep valleys under his cheekbones.

    This is an interesting setup and I’m curious to see where the story will go.

  3. Dave Hill (verified owner)

    This was a very good read! I really liked the art – the characters were attractive without being over-the-top idealized figures. I love the way the prologue sets up their relationship as friends and then cuts to a year later where they’ve been a couple for a few months. Their interactions are adorable, and they feel genuine.

    I’m not generally a romance fan, but the art caught my eye and I’m very glad I picked this up! It is worth checking out!

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