The Way Long Back #2 [DIGITAL]

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After Nicholas begins his journey to see Stefanie, he’s approached by a mysterious figure on the train and worries Stefanie’s life may be in danger…

Readers 14+

Includes 37 Pages of Story

4 reviews for The Way Long Back #2 [DIGITAL]

  1. Joshua M (verified owner)

    I was a fan of the first chapter and wanted to know what drama and revelations would unfold next… picked this one up. I’ll save you the spoilers, but it did not disappoint. another solid issue.

  2. Mel (verified owner)

    It’s alright so far. I’m interested in seeing how the story will develop in the future.

  3. Mr0303 (verified owner)

    Romance is not my genre, so take everything I say with a pinch of salt.

    In this chapter we see more of Stef’s everyday life and I’m sorry to say, but I find her very unlikable. She’s mouthing off to her boss, she’s rude to her colleague, who is trying to start a relationship with her by just being nice and she rejects her friend’s party invitations because men might hit on her. She’s a major stick in the mud who is obsessed with Nicholas to the point where she inserts him in conversations that have nothing to do with him.

    This issue really amped up the melodrama. Every single character has some tragic backstory. I expected a somewhat feel good story based on the cover art, but things are getting pretty grim. Halfway through the chapter there seems to be a change of genres into thriller, which was a bit jarring.

    Towards the end there is a classic misunderstanding being set up, but so far the story has been very unpredictable, so I’m not sure it will develop in the usual way. It’s worth mentioning that the side story with Stef’s brother Lincoln may be setting up a gay romance and I’m not a fan of that.

  4. Dave Hill (verified owner)

    This issue took off in some unexpected ways. There’s a short interlude where Nicholas meets an old lady on a train, and I was completely drawn in by their conversation. The lady – we don’t get her name – talks about her husband, and the wistfulness and bittersweet comes through in the dialogue and the art.

    The story takes an unexpected turn into an action sequence, but I love the way the two new characters were both drawn and they way they spoke. The simmering menace that one exudes is palpable, and then there’s help from an unexpected source.

    I’m more and more drawn in to this story, and I LOVE this art style. Very much worth checking out!

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