Ellie The Eliminator #2 [DIGITAL]

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After Ellie gets hit with a ray that should erase her artificial intelligence, she instead finds herself inside Calvin’s cellphone! Now Calvin must find a way to get her back in her body or suffer her antics forever!

Readers 10+

Includes 23 Pages of Story and 1 Mini Comic

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2 reviews for Ellie The Eliminator #2 [DIGITAL]

  1. Richard

    Great issue

  2. Nicodemous52 (verified owner)

    I didn’t feel this issue was as strong as #1, but pretty much all I said about it still applies here. That being summed up:

    In an alternate time line I could have easily seen this as being a Cartoon Cartoon, running besides the likes of Dexter’s Lab and such. It’s meant for kids, but it’s still fun for the kid at heart.

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