Orgasm Girl #1 [DIGITAL]

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Amari has a dirty little secret… She can make any man she touches orgasm with a snap of her fingers! And upon unfortunate events, she finds herself captured by those who wish to use her powers for evil. Now it’s time for Amari to step up from a lowly cheater and be a HERO!

Readers 18+

Includes 22 Pages of Story

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5 reviews for Orgasm Girl #1 [DIGITAL]

  1. TittyMaster

    Don’t judge me…

  2. Satisfied Customer

    One word. Satisfaction. Got this one from indiegogo.

  3. Dean Teasdale

    Excellent daring full colour fun 🙂

  4. Ciggy (verified owner)

    Had me on the edge

  5. Nicodemous52 (verified owner)

    This is both the strongest and weakest on offer from Burningstar right now. It’s probably got the best art, but it’s also probably the most gimmicky as well.

    It’s about a chick that boxes with men pays them to go down for her (guessing so she can clean up on the betting but that’s not made clear). She however can actually hold her own because she is a decent fighter in her own right, and she can also cause any man to orgasm with a touch or even just the snap of her fingers.

    Beyond being a bit gimmicky, I feel like they are putting too much stock in to that. Not that it’s over use, but that men would stop dead in their tracks. I’m not so sure all or even most men would lose all focus and control just from an orgasm. So the premise is a little weak if you ask me.

    But, I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m interested where it’s going. The first issue already flirts with some pretty dark stuff and this book seems like it’s going to tackle the material with maturity and grace.

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